PAINT Instructor Application
Seattle 2020

To be considered as an instructor at PAINT you must agree to the following:


* To provide all materials in your class for each student (excluding specialty tools such as a torch).  PAINT's goal is to provide each attendee with a relaxed environment to learn in and not have to worry about traveling with supplies.


* You will be responsible for your own travel and expenses (you will be paid for your classes).


* You will pay for registration (at a discounted rate) just as any other attendee.


* If you are not taking classes on your own (you may purchase classes as an attendee), you will be expected to assist another instructor in their class to provide a great learning experience.


* You will be expected to provide short demos, where needed.


* You will be expected to promote PAINT's event throughout all of your social media to build attendance.


* You may be asked to assist in getting sponsors for the event (contact information).


* If your class happens to be a lecture, you will be responsible for any equipment needed in your lecture (projector, screen, etc. which can be rented from the hotel)


* You will need to have a couple of seats available gratis for the PAINT Staff that works throughout the year that may want to take your class.

Mailing Address:

13435 S. McCall Rd. Unit 16 - #250

Port Charlotte, FL 33981

Tel: 941-662-0675


Pouring Artists INTernational 

PAINT Fluid Art Conference