Chad Booth

Chad Booth is an artist that is originally from Tampa, FL who has been working with Fluid Art on a full-time basis.  He has been a Fine Artist for over 35 years and has created stunning pieces using colored pencils, paint and pottery. He has chosen employment that taps into his creative side and his mastery of color. He is an Air Force Veteran and has been a Corporate Visual stylist, and Counselor.  He also spends his time volunteering with the Department of Veterans Affairs teaching an Art Therapy class. Chad believes that color and texture are motivating forces that bring out emotions and memories which are reflected not only in his artwork but in his and his students’ artwork as well. Chad currently resides in Orlando, Florida and his work can be seen at, a non-profit organization he has with a fellow artist and military veteran.

Mailing Address:

13435 S. McCall Rd. Unit 16 - #250

Port Charlotte, FL 33981

Tel: 941-662-0675


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