• Class Title: Geode Pour with Posca Pen Embellishments: A 2-Part Class

  • Class#: MGH202003

  • Instructor: "Mad Meghanne" Highsmith

  • Class Length: 4 Hours Total (2 hours during the day and 2 hours in the evening)

  • Target Audience: Beginner-Advanced

  • Class Minimum: 2

  • Class Maximum: 10

  • Cost: $150


  • Class Description:  Your instructor will take you on a resin journey. The first two-hour class will focus on mixing the resin and creating a geode pour with supplied crystals and resin pigments. During the second part of the class, we will add Posca pen enhancements and the option of another colored layer or a clear coat of finishing resin.  You will learn the how-to's from A-Z and go home with your own geode masterpiece.  You will go home with the confidence to create more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

  • Student Needs to Bring: Basic Class Kit, Respirator (inexpensive on Amazon) or mask, eye protection, work clothes that you can live without in case you get resin on them.  Everything else will be provided by your instructor.  


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