• Class Title: The Magic of Properly Mixed Paint and Pouring It

  • Class #: JG202001

  • Instructor: Janet Gonzales

  • Class Length: 2.5 Hours

  • Target Audience: Beginner-Advanced

  • Class Minimum: 10

  • Class Maximum: 30

  • Cost: $110.00


  • Class Description:  Pouring a Sunset On Oceans Edge. We will be using several
    techniques to create your very own sunset on the ocean's edge:  flip cups, swiping,
    torching and patience!  The flip cup technique consists of layering different colors of paint in a single cup then quickly flipping it over on to your canvas. We will tilt to spread it.
    To create the sky and beach we will be swiping across the areas we want to have
    different patterns. Let your imagination set your intention before we begin to pour;
    it makes a difference in the outcome of your masterpiece.                                                                                                               

  • ​​Student Needs to Bring: Basic Student Kit.    


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