• Class Title: Resin Petri Coasters

  • Class #: KMD202004

  • Instructor: Kim McDonald

  • Class Length: 2 Hours

  • Target Audience: Beginner - Intermediate

  • Class Minimum: 6

  • Class Maximum: 24

  • Cost: $85.00


  • Class Description:  This is a really fun resin project for pretty much anyone, from absolute beginners to those who are familiar with working with epoxy resin.  Beginners are not required to measure, mix, or pour resin, if they choose not to. We will discuss alcohol inks and how they work with resin and you will be guided, step by step, through this amazing technique. The best part is when the resin is cured and you get to unmold your coasters, which is always a fun surprise.  Each student will create a beautiful set of four coasters, ready to use or to give as a gift.  As a gift from your instructor, you will get to keep your mold to continue this art at home.

    • Disclaimer: Working with resin is not for everyone. Some people can have serious reactions to resin. For this class we are using a low VOC (very low fume) resin, but if you are irritated by fumes of any kind, this class may not be for you. You will be provided with very basic equipment including a standard dust mask. If you would like to bring your face mask, you are welcome to do so. By registering for this class you are acknowledging that you understand that there may be risks to working with resin and that Pouring Artists INTernational and Kim McDonald cannot be held liable for any issues that may arise from your participation in this class.

  • ​​​​Student Needs to Bring: Basic Student Kit. A Filled, Small Kitchen Torch   





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