• Class Title: Retro Style Pours: New Methods, New Materials

  • Class #: MG202003

  • Instructor: Maureen Gasek

  • Class Length: 3 Hours

  • Target Audience: All Levels or Artists that have been struggling with results

  • Class Minimum: 5

  • Class Maximum: 20

  • Cost: $105


  • Class Description:  Create retro-style pours resourcing the Master's catalog of work. Students will learn how to create different retro styles by studying the Master's styles and works from Mondrian, Pollack, Frankenthaler, Seurat, O’Keeffe and more. Learn proper techniques and how to use tools, paint, and mediums to achieve a successful pour full of dimension. This is a hands-on workshop so wear your paint clothes and be ready to get a bit messy. This is an experimental workshop.                                                                               

    • Note: Students will be working with Golden Paints and Mediums, which are top of line art supplies. They will be supplied by the instructor as well as substrates to work on, sample boards, tools, and instruction sheets. Students will learn about using Golden paints and mediums and the proper ways to use them and their versatility.  Students will take home all their creations, sample boards, and handouts                                                                                    

  • Student Needs to Bring:  A small torch or heat gun.                                                                                

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