• Class Title: Embellish Your Pour: The Girl with the Red Umbrella

  • Class#: MGH202005

  • Instructor: "Mad Meghanne" Highsmith

  • Class Length: 2 Hours 

  • Target Audience: Beginner-Advanced

  • Class Minimum: 2

  • Class Maximum: 30

  • Cost: $65

  • Class Description:  A classic subject for photographers and painters, The Girl With the Red Umbrella is a sleek dark-haired young woman in black and red carrying her signature umbrella against the world as she walks away. Googling images will produce one painted by your instructor in 2018. Her other copy of the image sold in twenty minutes of being posted wet to Facebook on her personal page. Many artists agree she is one of the most enigmatic subjects, drawing artists and audiences alike. 

  • Student Needs to Bring: Basic Class Kit and a completed, dry and cleaned pour or your choosing.  Everything else will be provided by your instructor.  


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