I have always loved art and come from an artistic family.  My grandfather was an architect (designed Candlestick Park) and my mother is an artist.  I am a late bloomer into the art world.  I was involved in orchestra in school and the Yakima Symphony Chorus as an adult, accompanying them to perform at Carnegie Hall in 1993.  I spent the majority of my free time riding in the equestrian sport of Dressage and created my own, award-winning Musical Freestyles.  

In 2004 I learned lampworking beginning with mandrel wound beads and progressing to off mandrel sculpture.  Adding to my artistic cravings, I became interested in paint pouring after seeing a painting with lots of cells.  That was my passion at first.  I tried a ring pour but was less than excited about the result until one day when I discovered the cool effects of layering them.  It was at that point that my course changed to focus on innovative ways to create paintings using ring pours.  Leaving silicone behind didn’t hurt my feelings either! 

My love of competitive pursuits has motivated me to enter my different creations in the Central Washington State Fair over the past 10 to 15 years.  2018 and 2019 were my first two years entering my poured art which resulted in two consecutive first place wins in the Amateur Acrylics class!  Very exciting considering the other entries were all more traditional forms of painting with acrylic!

Recently I started wire weaving (because there is no such thing as too many art hobbies!) and developed my own designs there as well.  I am also excited about learning to pour epoxy countertops so that I can finish my kitchen remodel by pouring my own counters using my artistic vision!

I have put considerable effort and intensity into learning and innovating, even creating my own techniques which I have shared with the pouring community.  Teaching is another passion of mine as I have worked with equestrian students for many years.  I look forward to working with others who share my love of fluid art!


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