Kim McIntosh (@lifeovertherainbow) is a Florida based artist that uses nature’s beauty of the ocean as her inspiration. Growing up on the beaches of California it is only natural for her to expresses her passion for the water through her vibrant and captivating artwork.


Her love for art began in 1975 and has revealed itself in many different forms. In 1997 Kim’s love for painting emerged; she has been creating pieces of art that have brought much joy and happiness to everyone that views them ever since. Her ability to bring life to each piece is awe-inspiring.

Each piece is unique with no two ever being the same. Some pieces are born with a specific intention while others are created by happenstance. According to Kim, “Sometimes the biggest failures create the best art.” Her desire to learn new techniques gives her the opportunity to grow as a person and an artist.


Kim has been sought out to teach classes in her community and is often requested personally to teach private lessons. Her talent in making all of her students feel confident in their own ability to be artists is something she takes pride in. Her artwork is displayed in the Gateway Gallery and Empourium in New Port Richey, Florida.




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