Mad Megahann Highsmith

Margaret “Mad Meghanne” Highsmith is a self-taught artist with 15 years experience. A nurse for 23 years, she uses her creativity as an outlet for stress and has spent over two years hanging her work inside the ICU where she is a charge nurse, on a two-week rotation of eight pieces at a time.


Pouring has become her natural space, as she may use them as stand-alone pieces or as backgrounds for brushwork. Resin art is her newest love and she looks forward to teaching you geodes and pyramids in Seattle.


“Mad Meghanne’s Art Cart” has been in existence since 2010 and can be found with listings on Facebook. Her work is also cataloged on under the name Meghanne Highsmith.

Mailing Address:

13435 S. McCall Rd. Unit 16 - #250

Port Charlotte, FL 33981

Tel: 941-662-0675


Pouring Artists INTernational 

PAINT Fluid Art Conference