Pouring Artists INTernational 


What is it?

 Pouring Artists INTernational 


 Was born out of seeing a need.  A need for education, a need for networking, a need for self-   expression and so many other needs too numerous to   mention.


 When I was introduced to the fluid art form, I just couldn't get enough.  I had watched hundreds of hours of videos and follow dozens of pages reading thousands of posts. There are so many techniques and forms of fluid art that I just wanted more and more. I was immediately hooked, on acrylic paint, on resin, on alcohol inks, and marbling.  Everything fluid. I could clearly see that this was a worldwide phenomenon and I wanted to be a part of it, in a big way.


 The next natural step for me was to find an educational conference, no matter where it was in the United States, and attend. Sadly, what I   discovered was that there was no event of its kind,   anywhere, that I could find.  I inquired   I searched and talked to many other people looking for the same thing, but nothing was available. 


 So, I prayed about it and spoke at length to my husband about it.  After all, I was an experienced   Event Planner in my Forensics career (15 years of planning large Forensic events).  So, I chose to take up the reins myself and create just such an event. 


 It was over one year in the making with a great deal of hard work but it has been an exciting journey and worth every moment of it.  Once   I started to "promote" the idea of this event, it has been a snowball ever since.  I have had so many emails and posts that have been so encouraging and exciting from people all over the world.  That tells me that this is something that is not only needed but wanted, by so many people.

The first event of its kind is already in the books and it was a smashing success.  Although we had to fight with Hurricane Dorian, the event went off without a hitch.  There was not a bad word said in any evaluation.  In fact, many people were overheard speaking of the next event.   


 Pouring Artists INTernational 

 I came up with this name because that's what we are and strive to be, Pouring Artists (through acrylic paint, resin or alcohol inks) and this art form is popular internationally.  It is my determination and dream that this event will be held a couple of times a   year.  I know that's ambitious but I can feel how epic this has and will become.  Join me on this crazy adventure and let's see where it takes us. 


I can already tell you from talking with people that we will officially land the annual conference in the summer (after Seattle) probably sometime in the month of July.  We will also be heading to the Northeast area for 2021.  I have also been asked by dozens of people to consider doing something like this in another country. Hmmm... My first stop will be in Australia.  Care to join me for the ride? 

Mailing Address:

13435 S. McCall Rd. Unit 16 - #250

Port Charlotte, FL 33981

Tel: 941-662-0675

Email: PouringArtists@gmail.com


Pouring Artists INTernational 

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